Friday, November 25, 2011

Making Things

Song sheet Christmas trees - inspired by Anthropologie. 

... and some mason jar woodland snow scenes (also inspired by Anthro), along with a few glittered deer for good measure.  I love those little animals - glittered or not.


Image via A Country Farmhouse
Thankful for my Savior.  Thankful for a best friend/husband, all in one.  Thankful for my family, and his family - and that it really all blends together.  Thankful for friends to share life with.  

And I'm thankful for other things, that don't sound quite as nice and tidy.  Like our warm, dry house.  And my new coat.  And cars that run.  And Pepsi.  And jobs.  And creation, each and every season.  And my laptop (and iPhone).  The list goes on.

Life feels so full of hope when I stop and reflect on all that I'm thankful for.