Monday, December 13, 2010

Life's Cliches

The older I grow (working on my 26th year) the more I realize great truth can be found in the cliches of life.

"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey." Most of my life I have viewed life as a series of "destinations." High school (done), college (done), married (done), job (done), purchase home (done), babies (some day!), etc. 26 years isn't a lot of time, but enough to see many dear-ones get stuck ... unable to check "done" and move on to the next destination. Divorce, cancer, addiction, job loss, death, the list goes on.

Recently, I've been reminded that life isn't about checking off those achievements (great as they may be!). Getting past addiction, for some, may be a life long battle; facing a childless future, for others, might be reality; all isn't fair in love and war. It's really amazing the release of pressure I feel every time I ponder this. God will guide me to the next destination, in His timing, in His way. The more I embrace this idea and submit to His guidance, the easier it is to breath, and enjoy what is happening all around me. This life really is temporary, and a journey to the ultimate Destination, eternity with Him.

Life really is a series of miracles. Humans interacting, God intervening.

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