Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Too Loved

Christmas was a bit emotional for me.

To start, two very sweet Santas (who happen to bare a striking resemblance to Josiah & Lorinda!) lost their every loving minds and shocked (!!) us with this treat hidden way behind our Christmas tree.  Still at a loss for a proper way to thank them.

The day continued (in a haze of giddiness over the new camera!) with lots and lots of family!  And my only complaint is it was way too short of a day.  We are so blessed to have friends for family, time spent with them is truly precious.  

More than ever I was overwhelmed with the thought and love behind each gift received.  Handmade ornaments of yours truly by our nieces (complete with a "Dude" hat and a feather headband), perfect shakers found by Susannah, a much wanted snow globe (magical!), my great-great grandmother's opal ring passed down to me, and a sweet little necklace with the word of the day, JOY!

We are too loved. 

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  1. What a GREAT gift. We'd be excited too!

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